Saturday, 25 June 2011

Metal Reliefing Block

I'd like to share a fabulous tool Vintaj have created, they came out a couple of months ago and I snapped up a few to sell straight away and although I have sold a few I still don't think they are getting the attention they should!

Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block
As quoted by Vintaj "How did we live without this? The Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block has quickly become a Vintaj essential"

If you like experimenting with metal pieces that have raised areas then you will love this block. It's fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and has three different sides that help create design relief to all of your projects. It was created to especially for sanding the raised areas on Vintaj metal products to show off their fine detail, (as Vintaj truely have some stunning pieces to show off!) but don't limit it's use.
You can create handcrafted pendants and mixed-media art with the Vintaj altered blanks, emboss, impress, imprint, paint and ink, THEN sand-relief the surface with the block to bring your designs to life!

I love this bracelet called 'Along the Riverbed' by Jess Italia Lincoln, she embossed an altered blank then used the block to relief the design to stand out.
So the block has three sides and here it what they do:

Dark gray sides (heaviest grit): Removes paint and patina from raised areas.
White side (medium grit): Lightly reliefs embossed and raised areas.
Light gray side (finest grit): Buffs and polishes.

You can get yourself one of these blocks for only £4 in my shop

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