Thursday, 30 June 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I have been given a Versatile Blogger Award by Aviya Glass - Thank you Terry!

The idea is to follow a few requests and then pass the award on.

1. Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the reward
2. Share seven random things about yourself..... 7 why not 2!
3. Award seven recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won.

7 Random things about me...

1. I'm tongue tied.. literally
2. Favourite food is pasta
3. I love the KINGS OF LEON!!
4. I can write forwards with my right hand and backwards with my left hand (mirrored) at the same time... cool party trick although people just think I'm a freak.
4. I'm a registered nurse but only work 1 day a week.
5. My first love is my husband who I've been with since I was 19...ahhhh
6. I often crave pickled onion monster munch!
7. I loving reading (ran out of interesting things to say!)

I would like to nominate the following..

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Metal Reliefing Block

I'd like to share a fabulous tool Vintaj have created, they came out a couple of months ago and I snapped up a few to sell straight away and although I have sold a few I still don't think they are getting the attention they should!

Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block
As quoted by Vintaj "How did we live without this? The Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block has quickly become a Vintaj essential"

If you like experimenting with metal pieces that have raised areas then you will love this block. It's fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and has three different sides that help create design relief to all of your projects. It was created to especially for sanding the raised areas on Vintaj metal products to show off their fine detail, (as Vintaj truely have some stunning pieces to show off!) but don't limit it's use.
You can create handcrafted pendants and mixed-media art with the Vintaj altered blanks, emboss, impress, imprint, paint and ink, THEN sand-relief the surface with the block to bring your designs to life!

I love this bracelet called 'Along the Riverbed' by Jess Italia Lincoln, she embossed an altered blank then used the block to relief the design to stand out.
So the block has three sides and here it what they do:

Dark gray sides (heaviest grit): Removes paint and patina from raised areas.
White side (medium grit): Lightly reliefs embossed and raised areas.
Light gray side (finest grit): Buffs and polishes.

You can get yourself one of these blocks for only £4 in my shop

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

June Vintaj Order

It's my favourite time of the month, supply ordering! I've just placed my latest Vintaj Natural Brass order and will be adding a few new items to my shop.

Thought I'd introduce some new chain, currently the most popular is the Etched Cable chain but I thought I'd try something new with the Rollo chain

Also have some smooth saucer beads that a customer asked for but have a few that I've been experimenting with myself and they are really nice next to your beads or in clusters.

24 x 11mm hook which I think will be handy and will go with most of the toggle clasps

And I thought I'd test these 1/4" Nail rivets out too, they can be used to create multi-dimensional pendants by riveting metal, leather etc together. 
You will need a punch or drill to create a small 1.6mm hole into your pieces then using a hammer you can rivet charms, flattened bead caps and more onto altered blanks for a unique layered look -you could then try a bit of stamping, something I have yet to try! I love this bracelet made by Jess Italia Lincoln at Vintaj, she used the nail rivets to layer the cute man in the moon charm to an altered blank. Make your own using the Vintaj product gallery

I'm a little bit disappointed though as Vintaj are out of stock of the Flying East Bird Connectors, they always sell out of my shop fast! 

Also stocking up on the Flourish Bead Caps and Filigree Butterflies which are my two favourite items.

I'm hoping the order arrives before the beginning of next month so I can include everything in next months business birthday promotional offers! Watch this space..

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nearly a Year in Supply Business!

Next month will be my 1st Business Birthday for the supply side to Beads & More by Lois!

This last year has been amazing, I never imagined how well it would take off and the risks and hard work at the beginning have certainly paid off! I will blog more about my journey next month but as a run up to the event I wanted to let you all know about how I will be celebrating and saying thank you to my loyal customers.

Every month I give all my newsletter subscribers a great promotional code, over the last year I have given away lots of findings including Vintaj Natural brass or given up to 20% discount! Next month will be the biggest yet, giving away lots of findings with a discount code and FREE delivery and I'm thinking of throwing in a SALE for good measure.

To be part of the event, sign up to my newsletter by clicking HERE you'll be one of the only people to receive the above offers & dscounts!

Thank you for reading
Lois x