Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Adding abit of twist!

I've mastered the art of wire twisting! With a bit more practice it will look better but I like what I have achieved so far. I think it really sets off a piece of jewellery and can secure a bead or crystal nicely.

I made these earrings, think they be an acquired taste, but we'll see if they sell!

I also made this bracelet that I really love, using the twisting method to secure the Swarovski crystals.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Made lots of new jewellery!

Well I've been a busy bee in the evenings make more stock and experimenting with new designs, I've tried a couple of new techniques, this picture of a bracelet I made which I found quite hard at first but once got the hang of it was really impressed and thought it was soooo pretty... 

I've also been experimenting with making little charms in-between the bracelet links, to give it an extra bit of sparkle...

And these are my favourite earrings I have made so far, tempted to keep them for myself..

I'm certain I have enough stock for the jewellery party now and for the time being I'm still putting everything on my website and some bits on ArtFire to sell.

It's my birthday tomorrow, I'm 26!! Theres nothing I really need so told my Mum to get me some jewellery making items and she is going to pay for me to go on a jewellery making course to learn more! Only thing is it starts end of September and runs for 10 weeks, our baby is due end of October so won't be able to start on the next one!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Website Improved

Spent all day working on my website and think I've improved it, hopefully made it look more professional. I've added terms and conditions, jewellery party section, previous designs gallery, news and offers and a links section. Think having a previous designs gallery is good as I can still showcase what I've already made and sold without having to have 'sold' splashed across the images so people can still see what I've made!

Lets hope more people visit!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Weekend over

Had a busy weekend attending birthday parties and now looking forward to the week ahead.

Managed to make some jewellery in the evenings and have all my ideas wrote down for the jewellery party, just need to put them into action and get the invitations printed!

Maybe starting a new adventure with people from the, a group of us want to set up a website to promote/advertise all of our websites, etsy, ebay shops etc in one place, for little cost! People have come up with some good ideas so we'll see where it takes us.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Going to see Oasis this afternoon at Wembley!! I used to love them when I was younger and all my friends were into Boyzone.... lol Not so much into them now but my Step Dad has got my sister and I a ticket so we are all going together, hubby is also going with his friends but not till Sunday. Not sure they will compare to Kings of Leon who I saw last week though!!!! Love them.

So this morning I woke up buzzing with ideas for the jewellery party, got some great tips off some ladies on, they said to make a flyer to get some bookings for another party, hopefully some of the guests will be interested and I could offer a gift or percentage of profits to make it more enticing ;) I'm going to buy some organza bags to put all purchases in along with my business card and might offer gift wrapping and see if my Mum or one of my aunts will do that for me! Thinking I could charge 50p to £1 for that service, depending on how much the materials cost I guess.

Exciting but scary stuff!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

1st Jewellery party to be planned

Went to see my Mum today and she has been gassing away to my aunts and coming up with jewellery party ideas for me, such as who to invite, what food and drink etc!! So I've agreed with it all and said I can be ready in a couple of weeks but I'm rather scared.... Worried people will come and think my jewellery is rubbish but feel 'obliged' to buy something! 

I'm going to go for it though as really want to sell all of what I've made so far so I can buy some more beads and findings that I have my eye on and start running into the black instead of red!!

So I shall be a busy bee coming up with new designs and making lots of jewellery over the next couple of weeks :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

First blog!

Hi everyone,

I'm Lois, nearly 26 and I'm married to Liam, 27. We have a 15 month old son called Alfie and another baby boy on the way, due October 31st!

I'm currently a stay at home Mum but a staff nurse by trade. 

My hobby is jewellery making and I've recently set up a website to start selling my products! I've mainly been selling to friends and family but thought I'd share my designs with the world!!! ha ha 

I'd really like to start selling at craft fairs and fetes but need to learn how to find and get into them.

Thanks for reading, hope you come back and read about me again :)