Thursday, 9 July 2009

Going to see Oasis this afternoon at Wembley!! I used to love them when I was younger and all my friends were into Boyzone.... lol Not so much into them now but my Step Dad has got my sister and I a ticket so we are all going together, hubby is also going with his friends but not till Sunday. Not sure they will compare to Kings of Leon who I saw last week though!!!! Love them.

So this morning I woke up buzzing with ideas for the jewellery party, got some great tips off some ladies on, they said to make a flyer to get some bookings for another party, hopefully some of the guests will be interested and I could offer a gift or percentage of profits to make it more enticing ;) I'm going to buy some organza bags to put all purchases in along with my business card and might offer gift wrapping and see if my Mum or one of my aunts will do that for me! Thinking I could charge 50p to £1 for that service, depending on how much the materials cost I guess.

Exciting but scary stuff!

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