Wednesday, 8 July 2009

1st Jewellery party to be planned

Went to see my Mum today and she has been gassing away to my aunts and coming up with jewellery party ideas for me, such as who to invite, what food and drink etc!! So I've agreed with it all and said I can be ready in a couple of weeks but I'm rather scared.... Worried people will come and think my jewellery is rubbish but feel 'obliged' to buy something! 

I'm going to go for it though as really want to sell all of what I've made so far so I can buy some more beads and findings that I have my eye on and start running into the black instead of red!!

So I shall be a busy bee coming up with new designs and making lots of jewellery over the next couple of weeks :)


  1. Don't be putting yourself down! It is scary (I'm terrified) but you already have orders under your belt!!!

  2. You are doing really well an the party will be great x

  3. Thanks for your support ladies, what would I do without you all!!