Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New for July Part 1

This month I have been adding to the tool section, I thought I'd include tools to help with creating filigree settings and bale making as I have found the right tools make the task a whole lot easier!

I have two different Beadsmith bale making pliers available, the above green handled ones have 7 and 9mm cylinder sizes and the black handled ones have 6 and 8.5mm cylinders.

These bale making pliers are a must have and Vintaj describe it as the ultimate creative setting tool. You can use them to wrap filigree, connectors and sheet metal.

I also have some Beadsmith rosary pliers and chain nose pliers.

Both in polish steel with comfortable and secure handgrips. 

Chain nose pliers are the ultimate tool for crimping, clasping, clamping and closing jumprings. They are also really helpful in creating filigree, they have a nice smooth edge and when used to clamp down edges of filigree they give a nice clean finish.

The rosary pliers are a great linking tool for headpins and eyepins, every jewellery maker needs one!

A customer asked me to source them some Beadsmith wire so I have made that available on my website also, it's specially made for Vintaj Natural Brass components so it matches perfectly.

I only ordered a small supply to see how it would sell and I have nearly sold out already! 

I am out of stock of the 0.6mm/22 gauge but still have some 0.4mm/26 gauge and 0.8mm/20 gauge left. I will be ordering some more soon!

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