Saturday, 15 May 2010

Last Nights Pamper Evening

It didn't go brilliantly as it wasn't very busy but I sold a few pieces of jewellery and was sad to see my favourite ring go but it's gone to a good home!

I met a lovely lady who had a stall next to me selling Forever Aloe Vera products, I had a try of her aloe vera gel drink (which is pure aloe vera leaf squeezed into the pot) and I must admit it tasted pretty disgusting but the health benefits are pretty good!

This week I purchased some new displays for my jewellery so got to test them out last night. Unfortuantly and typically my camera battery run out and the camera on my phone isn't brilliant so please exuse the poor pictire quality but you'll get an idea of what it looked like.

I have two three tier bangle holders which I thought looked great but no one bought a bracelet - which is usually my best seller! I think it's because people were worried about ruining my display eventhough I offered to take the bracelet off for them as it's easy enough! So I'll have to see how these go. I really like the pendant and earring displays, they certainly helped it to look tidier and show off my best items.

Aswell as my favourite ring I sold this ring and earrings, two pendants and a few packs of beads so not too bad for a quiet pamper evening!


I also got an invitation to another fair next month so fingers crossed that one will be better.

Before I go I'll leave you with this blinky from Shabby blogs, I really love their blogs and buttons - as you can probably tell from my blog!!

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  1. Well done on your pamper evening, not bad for a quiet evening and love that new quote at bottom, its fab x