Monday, 15 February 2010

Introducing Glam Stretch

I got the idea for this bracelet from Bead magazine and I really love it!

It's made by coiling the wires down from each bead and putting them on stretchy elastic. This bracelet is made up of 100 black fire polish beads, half frosted and half gunmental so it has abit of a sparkle :)

Bracelet is only £12!

Available to buy on my website or MISI shop.

Thank you for looking


  1. Hi Lois, Just wanted to comment on how lovely all of your jewellery is. I especially like your 'swirlicious with a twist' bracelet. Also just wondered what your thoughts were about Folksy and Misi and which of the two you prefer? By the way, we live very close to each other!!! Take care and keep up the hard work. Lea.

  2. Hi Lois, Thank you for your comment and kind compliments. I have to agree with you about the coloured wire...I've been trying to find it in thicker more workable gauges, but haven't had a great deal of luck so far...I think I will try what you say about putting stuff on Misi regularly to try to generate more sales...have you tried selling on Etsy? I've been tempted to try it but haven't as yet. I always wonder how well known these websites are to people who are not into arts and crafts, as I had never heard of them until started making jewellery. I live in wickford now,but grew up in Basildon and used to live in Langdon Hills myself up until a few years ago!!! Lea.x

  3. No I haven't tried Etsy, I looked into it but theres so much competition on there I definitely know I'd get lost! I think it's really hard selling jewellery online, especially pricing it at what it's really worth. Do you do jewellery parties? I've done a couple through family but booked my first official one with someone who found me on the internet the other day. I'm also doing a few fairs this year.
    Wow you do live near! I've always lived in Basildon too! Well started off in Wickford (Woolshots) then moved to Basildon when I was 2 and then moved to Langdon Hills nearly 3 years ago now. Small world!