Sunday, 20 December 2009

Looking forward to the New Year!

I love New Year, always feels like a fresh start for anything that has gone wrong the year before and New Years Day is also the day my husband and I got together, 7 years ago! Will be looking forward to our first wedding anniversary in May, ahhhhhh.

After my HUGE SALE that I will be launching on 1st Jan, some items up to 75% off!!! I'll be creating a new website, will still be keeping the same web address though

All of my jewellery will be in the sale, including this fab bracelet...

Was £15.00
Will be selling for £12

This necklace

Was £15.00
Will be £11.00

These earrings

Was £8.00
Will be £6

Even this ring!

Was £12.00
Will be £9!!

Bookmark my website and make sure you visit the sale for a great bargain!

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