Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jewellery workshop

For the last two weeks I've attended a jewellery workshop to learn new things and improve my current techniques. My teacher is really good and loves wire wrapping like me so we're going to create some fantastic jewellery over the next few weeks!

The first week she showed me basic wire wrapping techniques and I wire wrapped a pretty pendant:

And this week I chose something I wanted to learn out of a book and found a wire wrapped bangle, so I made this, not entirely sure about the yellow beads now but I can do it again with other colours!

My first jewellery party has nearly arrived! It's tomorrow night at 7pm and I'm really nervous. Hopefully people will like my jewellery and book their own party, got another booked through my aunt for the middle of September and a lady who is coming to the party also wants one nearer christmas. So I best buy more stock this weekend and make lots more before this baby arrives in October because I'm sure I'll be very busy with him and my 17 month old toddler :)

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