Friday, 21 August 2009

It's been too long!

It's been ages since I've had a waffle on my blog! Been so busy since the jewellery party but things have settled down again now and I've had the opportunity to design and make some more jewellery. The jewellery party was quite successful, much better then I thought. I was really nervous before but soon got into the swing of things and at the end of the night once I saw how many orders I had I was so chuffed! The napkin rings were popular and someone asked me to make them some glass charms out of the wire wrapped pendants I do so I will introduce them at my next party - which is in less than two weeks now!! Eeek

A couple of days ago I launched a SALE on my website to make way for new stock in more wintery and this seasons colours. I've also added some jewellery sets and a new section for the younger girls which I was inspired to do from the jewellery party as a few of the women had younger girls. I made a fabulous pink charm bracelet for a girl also called Lois (not often someone has the same name as me!) Heres a pic...

I've started making cluster rings which are quite popular. It was my friend Ali's anniversary and she asked me to make her one in red as a gift from her husband, she loved it and I am so pleased as I get so nervous as to what people think!! She's a wedding and party planner and will soon be featuring on a CD which will go on the front of a National Bridal Magazine and will be on telly when she exhibits at a wedding show soon! Exciting stuff, proves how fab she is, check out her blog or her wesbite
And heres a pic of her ring..

I've still been attending jewellery making workshops on a wednesday, week before last we made tiaras! Now that was fiddly, I'll leave that to the experts like you Allie! Allie also makes jewellery and mainly specialises in bridal jewellery, you can check out her blog at She amazes me as she works full time, has a family and runs her own business which she always has orders for. Check both Ali and Allie out if you are getting married!

This week at the workshop we made felt beads, next week we will be embellishing them so at the moment they look like purple blobs, but watch this space, next week they MAY look fabulous! LoL
As I've mentioned a couple of my creative and hugely supportive friends I'd like to mention a few more as they have blogs also! Celine, who is building her own business of soap making is one of my biggest fans ;) I am also one of hers as she is so creative and makes the most wonderful smelling soaps and lotions, I know that for certain as she sent me some as a wedding present! I can't wait until she sets up her website and makes me some body cream which sparkles. Please have a look at her blog with pics of some of her creations HERE
Theres also Susie who has been creative for years with card and jewellery making but has recently started selling her wonders. You can visit her Etsy shop HERE and her blog HERE She is also fabulous with material and makes Eco friendly nappies :)

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