Thursday, 1 October 2009

Halloween Baby

Now October is here, reality has hit that I am having my baby this month!! Due on halloween and I hope he comes on that day - think of all the fab parties!

This month is going to be busy, what with christmas fairs next month to prepare for and a baby on the way, I really need to get stuck into building a larger stock of jewellery but been in abit of a slump the last week. I've finished orders but not been creative with anything new and interesting, I've just been staring at my beads..... Who wants to give me a kick up the bum?!


  1. Do some more pieces with autumnal colours or a Hogwarts inspired one or a Halloween one with little bats and pumpkins.
    You could also try a ring with a bat. A lot of celebs have rings with creepy crawlies at mo. Vic Beckham has a scorpion ring and I bet that was expensive and I saw another celeb with a Spider.
    You might also want to try brooches. Handy for older generation crimbo presents and lots of the younger set like these as deco too if they are quirky looking.
    Given your impending state you might also consider doing a Mummy set too, inspired by pink and inspired by blue which can be altered to reflect how many babies you have and which types.
    Hope that inspires u a little.

  2. Thanks Ali, great ideas, think I'll get creative at the weekend ;) Your such an imaginative brain box :)